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Electronic Detection Platform
Ohmx technology expands upon proven electrochemical detection methods and employs proprietary steps to generate precise, quantitative results for any clinical analyte (protein, small molecule, or DNA) providing tests within a broad dynamic detection range.

Ohmx’s detection technique uses modified electrodes to gather digital data from small volume clinical samples (1-50 uL, whole blood, urine, saliva, sweat, tears, prostatic fluid etc).

Each electrode of the sensor’s array is presented with a mixed monolayer of  the sensing element that has the following key features:       

- A molecular wire that anchors it to the electrode and is used to shuttle electrons       

- A redox active metal complex, whose signal is measured after sample addition       

- A specific probe moiety that dictates the assay construct. This probe may consist of a self--immolative  group that works in conjunction with standard immunoassay approaches or a group with scissile bonds  recognized specifically by different target proteases.


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