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Ohmx’s mission is to facilitate the evolution of diagnostics and monitoring from the central laboratory to the doctor‘s office (POL) and retail clinics, and ultimately directly to the patient.

Ohmx develops powerful diagnostic tools that provide individuals with the tests they need (small molecule, protein, or molecular), where they need them (physician office lab, pharmacy, and eventually at home) without delay (real time answers).

Our go to market product is a CRP test capable of measuring CRP levels, used for assessing inflammation, and hsCRP levels, used for cardiovascular risk stratification. CRP levels can be used to distinguish between viral and bacterial infections and therefore determine whether antibiotics should be prescribed. Additionally hsCRP levels identify long term cardiovascular risk and inform health management or statin prescription. POC assays in the pipeline include high-sensitivity Troponin I, BNP, A1C, lipids and a Deep Vein Thrombosis genetic test.

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