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Based in Evanston, IL, Ohmx is a clinical diagnostics company developing an accurate and reliable, low-cost, comprehensive, point-of-care (POC) system that quantifies analytes from low-volume biological samples.

Ohmx is believed to be developing the only comprehensive platform that can provide analyses of proteins, small molecules and DNA at the POC. Ohmx intends to bring to market a large menu of POC tests for the screening, monitoring and detection of both acute and chronic diseases.

The go-to-market product is a C-Reactive Protein (CRP) test capable of measuring CRP levels for identification of viral or bacterial inflammation. Armed with this data point, the physician can determine if an antibiotic is appropriate for a specific patient. Of equal if not greater importance, the Ohmx test will also measure hsCRP levels for cardiovascular risk stratification. Ohmx is developing a large number of additional assays for its bioelectronic platform. Research indicates that clinicians are receptive to the platform for two reasons: It will enhance physicians’ ability to provide high-quality patient care, and it represents an attractive revenue stream for their practices.


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